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About Us

We are three brothers who are daylily enthusiasts.  We would like to recognize Terry Pitts, a landscaper and friend of ours, as the hybridizer who first introduced us to daylilies.  Every picture on this site was taken by a family member.


Thomas Loewen hybridizer - 14 yrs.


Thomas does most of our hybridizing. His foremost hybridizing goal is to produce daylilies that are hardy in the midwestern environment. He also is working towards stable patterns, unusual forms, and doubles with colorful eyezones.











Timothy Loewen - 9 yrs.


Timothy doesn't do very much hybridizing but greatly enjoyes collecting daylilies and helping to evaluate Tom's seedlings. His favorite daylilies are doubles and those with a lot of color.











Samuel Loewen - 8 yrs.


Samuel loves daylilies.  He is very excited about each new blossom.  He likes daylilies with big rufflely edges and doubles. He loves to spend time with the daylilies doing tasks ranging from labeling seed pods to weeding to watering.


"The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God will stand forever."
~ Isaiah 40:8

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